The Benefits of Sublingual (Internal) CBD Use

CBD oil has a myriad of health benefits when taken topically or sublingually. There are a few different ways to ingest CBD oil other than applying it topically.

The first way is sublingual use. Sublingual means under the tongue. This results in the oil going straight into the blood stream to react instantly with our body’s endocannabinoid system.
The next way is to ingest the oil via a tincture or food product. Tinctures can be taken sublingually as well as swallowed for a faster effect. Ingesting the oil is safe but it will take longer to feel the effects as it must first travel to the digestive system and metabolize in the liver.
Some of the benefits of ingesting CBD oil are:
*Reduce symptoms of depression and anxiety
*Balance mood swings and overall mental wellness
*CBD oil contains anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects, making it wonderful for pain management
*CBD oil also rejuvenates skin cells and can be taken internally and externally for skin health and wellness
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