Why Mountain Mama?

We have wrapped up two of Montana’s biggest trade shows this month and are so thankful for all our past and new customers that we got to interact with at the shows!

It was very evident that CBD Oil is becoming more well known and popular and many multi level marketing companies are popping up.  That was a question we answered many times these past few weekends- “Which direct sales company are you with?” 

The answer is… None.  Mountain Mama was started in Columbus, MT and is a home grown small business.  This makes us different because we are not associated with any other companies and our products are the highest grade CBD Oil available on the market.  We have developed our own recipes using 100% Pure Organic products infused with essential oils that are light weight and easy on the nose.

Our CBD products use the Full Spectrum CBD Gold formula provided by CV Sciences. It is the only extract on the market to be given the GRAS (generally accepted as safe) certification by the FDA.

On top of all that, THE Mountain Mama is available to answer all your questions and take custom orders.  We care about your quality of life and your health and will not compromise our quality of product or customer service as we grow.  We are so thankful that you are on this journey with us and to be able to provide a product that is bringing so much healing to our customers.

As always, you can reach THE Mountain Mama with custom orders or questions here: www.mountainmamamontana.com/contact