How do Tattoos Heal?

Did you know that tattoos have a healing process?  Most people don’t know until they are getting their tattoo that there is aftercare and healing for several weeks afterward.

When you get a tattoo, you are injuring your skin. It is essentially an open wound and needs to be treated with care to prevent infection.

Immediately after your session however, your skin is already healing itself.  It may be raised, inflamed, bleeding and sting like a bad sunburn when you leave the shop. It is important that you keep it clean and your skin moisturized.

The next stage in the healing process is peeling.  The top layer of skin will peel like a bad sunburn for up to a few weeks.  Sometimes it will even scab.

The average time a tattoo takes to heal is four weeks. The colors may be dull after peeling until the underlying layers of skin heal themselves.

We have found that our customers experience a faster healing time and much less scabbing and inflammation when using our tattoo healing cream, and followed up with our tattoo maintenance cream the colors are as vibrant as when it was first done.