CBD and The Entourage Effect

Entourage: (noun) One’s attendants or associates

The entourage effect describes the phenomenon where the 400+ compounds in cannabis work together to have a synergistic effect on the body. This is what makes CBD so effective for reducing pain, inflammation and lessening the effects of common mental disorders.

However, to get the entourage effect to work in your benefit, it is necessary to use multiple different types of CBD in conjunction with each other.  For example, instead of only taking a tincture, try using also a topical at the same time.

The entourage effect also comes from the way CBD oil is produced. Isolating compounds is the least effective way to extract all the components of CBD.  Full plant extracts will provide all of those compounds working together when used in or on the body.

Studies have shown that our bodies respond best when using multiple cannabinoids (reacting to our endocannabinoid system) as opposed to a single, isolated cannabinoid.

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