Myth Busting- What CBD is NOT

CBD and hemp plants have been around and been utilized for centuries.  Unfortunately, there are a lot of myths and misconceptions due to legislation in our country. 

Here are a few truths about CBD:

  • CBD comes from the Sativa Strain of the hemp plant and contains less than 0.3% of THC.
  • This is a completely different strain than the Indica Strain which produces marijuana.
  • CBD oil cannot get you high.  Because it contains such trace amounts of THC, it is impossible to have any mind altering effects on the body from ingesting or using topically.  
  • CBD is has a multitude of documented health benefits for the mind and body.

If you want to learn more about CBD oil, stay tuned for details on our upcoming CBD School!

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CBD- The Basics

What ails you?  CBD can help!  Let’s break down the basics of our products and how they can help you: Tinctures: Taken orally, once injected, tinctures are absorbed into the bloodstream.  The CBD oil immediately reacts to our bodies Cannabinoid system to reduce anxiety, depression symptom and nervous system disorders. It can also reduce physical pain and aid in…

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Shawn Widdicombe is Mountain Mama’s FIRST Brand Ambassador!

Meet Shawn! A 27 year old professional hillclimber from Billings MT, Shawn has had many injuries and surgeries due to his career, including a back fusion, broken arm and leg, wrist, and torn tendons. Shawn had been searching for years for a solution to the constant pain from all of the injuries, without using opioids. Skeptical of using CBD,…

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Our Family is Growing (Just Like Yours!)

Our Family is Growing (Just Like Yours!) We are so excited to announce the release of our newest products, the mama baby line! At Mountain Mama we use only the best and most pure products for our expecting mamas and newest bundles of joy!  Keep reading for a description of each product in our new line. MORNING SICKNESS SPRAY:…

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Why Mountain Mama?

We have wrapped up two of Montana’s biggest trade shows this month and are so thankful for all our past and new customers that we got to interact with at the shows!

It was very evident that CBD Oil is becoming more well known and popular and many multi level marketing companies are popping up.  That was a question we answered many times these past few weekends- “Which direct sales company are you with?” 

The answer is… None.  Mountain Mama was started in Columbus, MT and is a home grown small business.  This makes us different because we are not associated with any other companies and our products are the highest grade CBD Oil available on the market.  We have developed our own recipes using 100% Pure Organic products infused with essential oils that are light weight and easy on the nose.

Our CBD products use the Full Spectrum CBD Gold formula provided by CV Sciences. It is the only extract on the market to be given the GRAS (generally accepted as safe) certification by the FDA.

On top of all that, THE Mountain Mama is available to answer all your questions and take custom orders.  We care about your quality of life and your health and will not compromise our quality of product or customer service as we grow.  We are so thankful that you are on this journey with us and to be able to provide a product that is bringing so much healing to our customers.

As always, you can reach THE Mountain Mama with custom orders or questions here:

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The Benefits of CBD Oil for Pets

CBD oil has many natural healing benefits for humans, but did you know that those same benefits apply to your fur babies as well? Here are some of the benefits of CBD oil for your pets:

  1. Reduce anxiety.  Does your pet have separation or public anxiety?  CBD will help sooth and calm your pet in those situations.
  • Calm panic or PTSD disorders.  Just like humans, pets can also suffer from panic attacks and PTSD.  Regular use of CBD can help be an effective treatment for those scenarios.
  • CBD oil has been proven to have cancer fighting effects, including anti-tumor properties. Regular use of CBD oil can increase efficiency of traditional cancer treatments.
  • CBD has been proven to reduce the frequency of seizures and epilepsy episodes.  If your pet suffers from either of these, an all natural solution might be worth a try!
  • CBD reduces pain and muscle soreness.  Have a working or high performance animal?  CBD is an all natural pain reducer and can help them recover faster and perform better.

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The Benefits of Sublingual (Internal) CBD Use

CBD oil has a myriad of health benefits when taken topically or sublingually. There are a few different ways to ingest CBD oil other than applying it topically.

The first way is sublingual use. Sublingual means under the tongue. This results in the oil going straight into the blood stream to react instantly with our body’s endocannabinoid system.
The next way is to ingest the oil via a tincture or food product. Tinctures can be taken sublingually as well as swallowed for a faster effect. Ingesting the oil is safe but it will take longer to feel the effects as it must first travel to the digestive system and metabolize in the liver.
Some of the benefits of ingesting CBD oil are:
*Reduce symptoms of depression and anxiety
*Balance mood swings and overall mental wellness
*CBD oil contains anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects, making it wonderful for pain management
*CBD oil also rejuvenates skin cells and can be taken internally and externally for skin health and wellness
Mountain Mama carries several tinctures as well as CBD honey to be ingested. You can order them here:

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The Benefits of Topical CBD Use

Mountain Mama provides an array of topical products containing
CBD oil to relieve pain and provide relief from common conditions such as arthritis
and joint pain, muscle pain and inflammation, and treat skin conditions such as
eczema and reducing acne.

Why does it work so well? 
What makes CBD oil different from other skin care products? 

CBD oil is a powerful antioxidant, protecting the skin from
free radicals that cause aging such as pollution, UV rays and smoke that cause
aging.  It also contains several
vitamins, minerals, proteins and fatty acids to promote healthy skin.  If that isn’t enough, it also reacts directly
with our body’s endocannabinoid system. (Read more about that here: 

Applying CBD oil products topically allows it to instantly
be absorbed by our biggest organ, our skin, and react with our endocannabinoid
system, giving instant pain-relieving results and skin health benefits.

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New to CBD Oils?


Curious about CBD oils and if they can help you? Mountain Mama now has starter packs!  CBD oil has a myriad of health benefits.  We will be debuting our brand-new Starter Packs at the Home Improvement Show in Billings, March 1, 2 and 3rd!  Which one would benefit you the most?

Health and Fitness Starter Pack

CBD is quickly becoming a vital part of many workout routines. In oil form, CBD is an important part of any holistic health and wellness routine. Whether you’re a professional athlete, amateur jogger or busy mom, this beneficial supplement made from hemp can help. Whatever style of fitness regimen you prefer, muscle development and muscle recovery play key roles in overall health and wellbeing.

CBD oil’s anti-catabolic properties are making it the most recommended supplement in fitness regimens where increasing muscle mass is a primary goal. CBD’s additional benefits for runnersyoga enthusiastsprofessional athletes and more in the health and wellness world strongly suggests that this is not a fad, but a supplement that is becoming the norm.

Arthritis Starter Pack

CBD oil is a natural solution to treat arthritis pain.  The most common forms of arthritis are osteoarthritis or rheumatoid arthritis. Recent studies have shown that CBD oil is an effective way to treat of arthritis and relieve inflammatory pain.

CBD oil has been proven to relieve pain by altering how pain receptors identify and handle pain. CBD oil can be ingested as well as topically for arthritis and inflammation relief. Topical application can help instantly relieve affected areas by easing joint and muscle pain. CBD oil is a safe, all-natural alternative for arthritis relief.

Anxiety Starter Pack

Studies have shown that CBD oil works with a brain receptor called CB1, altering serotonin signals. Serotonin is one of our body’s chemicals that plays a role in mental health.  Low serotonin levels can cause depression and anxiety.

CBD oil is an all-natural alternative to reducing the symptoms of anxiety. Several studies have shown that the regular use of CBD oil reduces stress and the behavioral symptoms of anxiety, including the physical symptoms such as increased heart rate.

It has also been proven that CBD oil can help with Social Anxiety Disorder, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder and also help with anxiety induced insomnia.

Taken both orally or topically CBD oil can provide relief and reduction of symptoms for anxiety related disorders.

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What is Hemp good for?

Hemp has been cultivated and used for thousands of years. One of the most renewable resources, it grows quickly, naturally resists plant diseases, requires little weeding, thrives in most climates and enriches the soil it grows in.  The hemp plant is versatile and has as many uses ranging from food to textiles, paper, fabric and even fuel. Quite possibly…

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