CBD Products

What are the Benefits of Hemp CBD Oil?
While CBD oil, a non-psychedelic extract of industrial hemp, seems to offer healing benefits when ingested almost any way, for some types of chronic pain, skin conditions, and other localized problems, topical applications allow users to go right to the source. Topical CBD can also work faster, since it doesn’t have to travel through the digestive system first.
Where does Mountain Mama's CBD Oil come from?
I order Hemp CBD Oil from CV Sciences, based in the UK, with offices in Las Vegas and San Diego. They grow hemp in Europe, using EU Certified Hemp Seeds. The oil I use is called Plus CBD Gold Formula. With 24% – 26% CBD, the Gold Oil is the cleanest and highest-concentrated form of CBD oil they offer. It is the only extract that has been given the GRAS (Generally Accepted as Safe) certification by the FDA. When researching where to procure oil from, all other options had only 13% – 18% concentrations available. It also contains Fatty acids, terpenes, Vitamin E, and other cannibinoids.
Can you ship to other states?
YES! My CBD products are compliant with Federal Regulations (meaning that they contain less than .3% THC) and can be shipped anywhere and you don’t need a medical card to order it or use it.
What is the difference between Hemp and Marijuana?
Agricultural Hemp has tall, bamboo like, thick stalks, very thin leaves, and little to no flowers. Defined as a cannabis plant containing less than 0.3% THC, hemp is grown mainly to make textiles, food and oils, and does not get you “high”. Growing agricultural hemp has fewer restrictions than marijuana, which allows it to be grown in larger scales and outdoors.Marijuana plants tend to be shorter and are grown for their flowers. The THC content is higher in these plants and is mainly used for recreationaly, however, some states have legislation in place to allow marijuana for medicinal use with a recommendation from a doctor.
Do I need to refrigerate your products?
As with all Mountain Mama Products, you need to be careful about allowing the product to melt. If it gets too warm, it will liquefy and become difficult to work with. If this does happen, such as in shipping during the summer or if left in a warm car, simply place it in the refrigerator for 15 minutes or so to re-solidify before using. The CBD products should never be warmed above 225’F as it will affect the potency of the CBD’s and may become less effective.